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Giusto Manetti Battiloro pure palladium leaf is a top quality product available in various sizes and thicknesses to respond to all application needs. Used in interior design, for furniture decoration, eglomisé and gold reverre, Manetti palladium leaf is available in the classic loose leaf format, the transfer leaf format and the French cut leaf (palladium leaf, used primarily by French gilders, with the leaf right to the edge of the book). It is also available in rolls in which leaves are laid onto a roll of tissue paper forming a continuous layer of pre-overlapping leaves to be used for the gilding of large flat surfaces and outdoor decorations. Palladium leaves are always applied using the oil gilding technique.

Palladium leaf books

Available in a range of formats and thicknesses, palladium leaf, either loose or transfer, is applied using the oil gilding technique. Each book contains 25 leaves.


Palladium leaf rolls

Ideal for rapid and accurate gilding of large, flat surfaces, palladium leaf rolls are easy to cut into the size needed for each application.


Palladium french cut leaf

Preferred by the most expert gilders, the French cut palladium leaf is especially popular with French gilders. Each book contains 25 leaves.