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Ready acrylic bole



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The ready-made acrylic bolo is already prepared and ready to use, making it accessible even to beginners and hobbyists.

Method of use

The substrate to be treated must be perfectly clean gessoed and smoothed. Then open the package and apply the bolus directly with the support of a specific brush (Brunelleschi series) in at least 3 coats. Wait at least an hour between one application and another. With the bole still wet, then proceed to apply the gold leaf.


7 – 10 m2 / kg.


Store in a cool, dry place in its own closed container and away from direct light and heat. The ideal temperature is 15-25 °C with humidity under 50%.

Additional information

Application method and quantity applied may significantly affect the workability time.The most suitable application methods should be determined by experimentation on the basisof the surface being gilded and the desired result.

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