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Safety and quality


Certified gold, traced from ingot to leaf

10 quality controls during the production process

Giusto Manetti Battiloro has always been sensitive to the needs of our customers. We provide high-quality products and guarantee them along the entire production chain, from the ingot to the final gold leaf.

Gold leaf of varying quality and origin is available on the market; however, Giusto Manetti Battiloro has been implementing a Buy Confident policy to provide, even through its dealers, a completely safe, guaranteed, traceable, in one word certified product.

Autorizzazione Sanitaria - Sanitary Certification Certificati Kosher oro e argento alimentare - Kosher Certificate edible gold and edible silver Certificato oro - Gold Certificate Licenza commercio elettronico metalli preziosi - Precious metal on-line sales authorization Licenza commercio metalli preziosi - Precious metal sales authorization

Licenza produzione metalli preziosi - Precious metal production authorization POLITICA NO-CONFLICT GOLD RESPONSIBLE GOLD POLICY STATEMENT TUV Report rispondenza normativa sugli additivi argento alimentare - TUV Report compliance silver leaf to european law TUV Report rispondenza normativa sugli additivi ORO alimentare - TUV Report compliance edible GOLD to european law

Safety and quality


Because the gold is procured through banks that ensure both the quality of the product, through purity certificates for each purchased ingot, and no conflict gold, ie gold that does not come from for war zones or from areas where human rights are not respected. To this end, Giusto Manetti Battiloro has defined its own “responsible gold procurement” policy.


Thanks to 10 in-house quality checks throughout the production stage, a clear and defined statute of corporate activities, two specific police authorisations to trade precious metals, and a distinctive trademark that ensures the launch of authentic products on the market.


Thanks to an in-house system that ensures the traceability of every single gold leaf made at every intermediate production stage, as well as the origin of the raw materials used, whether purchased from Manetti or provided by the customers for contract work.


Thanks to the authorisations obtained and the periodic checks carried out both by the company and the institutional bodies in charge.

All this allows our customers to safely purchase a top-quality product with a known origin guaranteed by Giusto Manetti Battiloro.

No confict gold

One of our most important company values is attention to the individual, making the person the company’s main focus, the customers, labour, suppliers and associations. The climate that reigns in the company is based on respect for others and the work. We have excellent relations with trade unions, and high workplace safety and environmental standards. In addition to making our gold leaf, we stock “no conflict gold“, gold that does not come from war zones or areas where human rights are not respected. These are the values in which we strongly believe. In the areas in which our plants are located in both Florence and Campi Bisenzio, we are active players in the sectors of social welfare, restoration and collaboration with institutions. We believe that the company’s aims should not be simply profit and turnover but also the development of the territory in which it operates, the enhancement of labour, respect for the environment, and the growth of young people.


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