Smoking gold, the 24-kt Golden Torpedo

Famous for his handmade luxury humidors,Daniel Marshall’s 24-kt gold cigars are made with gold leaf produced by Giusto Manetti Battiloro, an Italian company in Florence. A few tenths of a micron thick, gold leaf is a thin sheet has historically been used for gilding smooth or inlaid surfaces. The idea of a gold “wrapping” has become a veritable winner in the sector.

In addition to its use in foods and cosmetics, gold leaf, as the queen of gilding, is one of the preferred materials for the original decoration on valuable and luxury goods. Called the DM 24-kt Golden Torpedo, this new cigar is rolled in sheets of 24-carat gold – a true novelty in the world of fine cigars. It is targeted at genuine cigar lovers who can appreciate the Golden Torpedo’s originality, shape, and distinct taste, 80% of which comes from the gold wrapping, and the craftsmanship.

Cigar production is done entirely by hand. It starts in Nicaragua, under the control of Manuel Quesada. The rolling itself takes more than 45 minutes. On the other hand, the gold leaf decoration phase is executed by Daniel Marshall himself. The Red Label “body” is a pure Nicaraguan cigar made from a mix of the country’s two best tobaccos, Esteli and Jalapa. They are cultivated by Nestor Plasencia following ancient traditions in order to preserve the original taste.

The Golden Torpedo’s taste is described as a rich blend of coffee and chocolate aromas with a touch of cinnamon and a final hint of citrus. The draw is powerful and energetic, abundant and fluid. The smoke is constant with a bouquet of medium intense aromas. The toasted nuances give it an earthy quality. Lastly, the gold makes the cigar taste sweeter.

Gold burns at a temperature of about 1060°C, much higher than the maximum temperature of around 650°C that a cigar can generate. As gold’s melting temperature is different from tobacco’s, the metal remains slightly intact until it becomes a golden dust that falls on the tobacco. This cigar offers a unique taste and an extraordinary experience.

Daniel Marshall has been producing cigars for some years now, since 1995 to be exact, introducing his line of DM Premium Cigars. With the DM 24-kt Golden Torpedo, Marshall has announced his exclusive entry into the market. A true 24-kt status symbol. A spectacular cigar from Hollywood!

The gold on the cigar costs 75 dollars. The price is $200 for one cigar, or $1,000 for a five-Torpedo humidor. Each cigar is stored in a coffin (a sort of small wooden box containing one cigar) with the coffins then placed inside a Marshall humidor worth $300.

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