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Presented in a modern and attractive packaging, the line is specifically designed for the retail food industry.

Edible Gold Powder 23 kt


Available in packages of 125 or 200 mg.

Powder is the type of gold most suitable for decorating all kinds of chocolates, desserts, flûte of Champagne.

The innovative package in shaker lets an easy application of gold in every occasion, from the preparation of the dish to its decoration.

Edible Gold Crumbs 23 kt


Available in packages of 125 or 200 mg.

Crumbs are the most versatile gold format.

Ideal for garnishing dishes of all kinds, from appetizers to desserts, cocktails, and drinks, they are often used to embellish bottles of liqueurs and spirits.

The convenient spreader allows application in the desired quantities without the risk of wasting the product.

Edible Gold Flakes 23 kt


Available in packages of 125 or 200 mg.

The flakes, given their size and brightness, are used by those who want to give special lustre to their own flow. Ideal for preparing “fusion” dishes and recipes.

The application is recommended using metal or bamboo kitchen tweezers.

Edible Gold Leaf 23 kt


Available in booklets of 5 leaves each.

Measuring 86 x 86 mm the edible gold leaves are known to have been used by Gualtiero Marchesi for his famous risotto.

Used also to cover cakes and desserts of any kind.

The leaf is placed on a tissue paper that facilitates and speeds up its grip and application.


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