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Acrylic protection

Acrylic protection

Acrylic topcoat for the protection of both precious and imitation metal leaf gilding. It gives the gilded surface a gloss finish.

Acrylic protection

Acrylic protection

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Acrylic varnish.

Use method

Apply the varnish, diluted with a suitable thinner, by brush, pad or spray in two successive coats. For spray application, dilute the first coat by 40-50%, after a period of 6-8 hours apply a second coat diluted by 20-30%. For application by brush or pad, dilute the first coat by 70-100%, after a period of 6-8 hours apply a second coat diluted by 20-30%.


7-10 m² / litre (diluted, depending on the dilution percentages used).


Store in a well-ventilated environment with temperatures below 20°C. Keep tightly closed in its container and away from direct sources of light and heat. Avoid direct exposure to the sun.

Additional information

Application of the varnish by spray is recommended. When applying with a brush, it is important to proceed with the application as quickly and smoothly as possible, without pauses or interruptions. In fact, the product tends to dry on the surface quickly, within 15-30 minutes.

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