Thinner for acrylic protection

Thinner for acrylic protection

Clear thinner for diluting the acrylic protection.

Thinner for acrylic protection

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Clear polyurethane thinner.

Use method

Dilution is always necessary before applying the acrylic protection, whether done by brush, pad or spray. The dilution percentages change according to the chosen application method, and the yield of the diluted product also changes accordingly.


7-10 m² / litre (diluted, depending on the dilution percentages used).


Store in a well-ventilated environment with temperatures below 20 ° C. Keep tightly closed in its container and away from direct sources of light and heat. Avoid direct exposure to the sun.

Additional information

To dilute the acrylic protection, a common nitro or polyurethane thinner can also be used. The dilution percentages may vary according to the thinner used.

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