Events and news The art of luxury and the fashion of magnificence

The art of luxury and the fashion of magnificence

Beauty Gold make-up and designer Eleonora Lastrucci met in that place where time is ethereal, to give form to dance. Dance in the truest sense of the word, with the prima ballerina of Milan’s La Scala Theatre, Martina Arduino, starring in this encounter between fashion and make-up; between art and art. Each with its own gift, its own ideas and its own style.

While these concepts might appear to create distance, in reality, where beauty is concerned, everything comes together in a single form and essence which most people call art. Whatever you wish to call it, the result is unique, and the photos you are about to see can only lead you to imagine the live event that was a genuine ode to magnificence.

The three models of the special shoot found themselves in the middle of this brand-new partnership, engaging in the sumptuous experience with passion and gusto, between the long and awe-inspiring dresses of Eleonora Lastrucci and the luxurious Beauty Gold make-up, made with real 23kt and 24kt gold. Make-up artist Ana Matanovic worked creatively with the gilded movements while hair specialist Frank Giacone aligned the models’ hair styling with the clothes. The artistic melting pot showcased each of the contributing artists, particularly skill of the photographers and directors.

The backdrop was Tuscany, and none other than the city of Prato, where fashion is born, in the elegant Palazzo Pretorio, steeped in art and history, the historic Palazzo Datini, and the beautiful Church of San Domenico. The dance began and took form through the movements of Martina Arduino, the elegance of Roberta D’Orsi and the contours of Nadja Kovacevic.

At this grand ball, glittering dresses resounded through golden make-up, stunned faces were reflected in electrified gazes, and strong feelings whispered of joyful emotions. They say that rare beauty lies in the elements or the players. In this case, it was both, resulting in a huge impact.