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 Beauty Gold

Beauty Gold, that is 23 Kt Manetti gold for cosmetics purposes, was born for the cosmetic industry, luxury make-up, and well-being products.

Exclusively made-up of natural products, Beauty Gold is not tested on animals and it is obtained thanks to a specific production process that makes it completely non-allergenic.

Gold is a symbol of beauty since the ancient times when it let our skin shine by its own light. All over the centuries, gold was used in Luxury make-up and as a symbol of well-being: it was told that Cleopatra, the Queen of the Kings, slept every night with a golden face mask to preserve and enhance her sparkling beauty. Even today, cosmetic gold is stated for its qualities.

The Manetti Gold for cosmetics, known for its detoxifying virtues and skin’s elastic fibers-making restoring abilities, represents the well-being and luxury product, thanks to its extraordinary anti-aging action which makes it the ideal product for beauty centers, great for massages, face masks and applications all over the other body parts.

You can buy Beauty Gold in different packages


Beauty Gold Trattamenti

Gold leaf is particularly used for the preparation of body and face masks. Particularly known for its “anti-aging” qualities and for the brilliance released on the skin after the treatment, Beauty Gold gold leaf is completely hypoallergenic, certified for cosmetics use, conceived for the preparation of body and face masks by SPAs, thermal resorts, and wellness centers.


Beauty Gold Treatment application





Beauty gold eyebrows makeup

Beauty Gold line products for make-up, from the classic gold leaf to formats like powder, crumbs, and flakes, specifically designed for direct application on skin and nails. Like every Beauty Gold product, Beauty Gold for make-up products are not tested on animals, they can be used for different purposes, like the creation of small tattoos, that can give a glamorous make-up of the best quality. The perfect product for beauty salons.


Beauty Gold Make-up application





Beauty gold industrial packaging

The Beauty Gold Industrial line products, in powder, crumbs, and flakes, are realized for industrial realities. Perfect complementary products for the preparation of cosmetic products like soaps and creams, able to enhance the gold detoxifying qualities and the ability to restore the skin’s elastic fibers.



Answers to the most common questions:

What’s the composition of the cosmetic gold leaf?


Cosmetic gold leaf has a high concentration of gold. It is typically produced starting with 24 karat gold or with a 23 karat alloy made of gold and silver.

Cosmetic gold is exclusively made of natural products, it is not tested on animals and is completely hypoallergenic.

What are the differences between cosmetic gold and regular gold?

If we talk about the raw material, the difference between regular gold, for jewelry or artistic decoration, and the cosmetic one lies in the safety protocols and good practice in production so that to make it safe for the skin and for products applied onto the body.

Are there any benefits and side effects of cosmetic gold?


The application of cosmetic gold has no side effects or any negative interaction with the skin or body. On the other hand, when applied together with other specific cosmetic products, like lotions or body and face treatments, it improves its efficacy.

In fact, by applying the gold leaf on a portion of skin that underwent any treatment immediately beforehand, it creates a barrier that accelerates the absorption of the treatment and avoids oxidation or dispersion.

In addition to this, gold has additional benefits. Once the treatment is completely absorbed by the skin and the leaf must be removed, the friction created to remove the leaf will break it in small particles that will have a scrub effect on the skin and will give an instant glow to the skin and a smooth anti-aging effect.

Is it expensive to have treatments and make-up with cosmetic gold? Isn’t it a waste?

Today’s production process allows to obtain very thin leaves or smaller particles so that it is possible to use it as decoration when used in make-up, or the desired effect when applied as a mask or inside cosmetic products.

How is cosmetic gold produced?

Gold is reduced in very thin leaves to be used during the specific treatments for the body and face.

With cosmetic gold for make-up, the leaves are chopped in dust, crumbs or flakes before packaging so that they can be mixed inside the make-up to create illuminating effects and obtain a metallic finish.

The production process has been created to guarantee a safe final product that is suitable for cosmetic application.

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