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TerraOro: gilded terra-cotta

To create an exclusive Made in Italy and luxury interior design product, this was the will in creating TerraOro. The gilded tile TerraOro combines the simplicity and naturalness of the prestigious Impruneta terracotta, worldwide known as an excellence in its material quality and workmanship, with Manetti gold leaf and its various colors. The result is a precious coating material, for a fine interior design which requires luxury finishes.

TerraOro tells a story of materials traditions and works craftsmanshipcenturies of history that blend into the fire and into the Florentine artisan wisdom to create a unique, entirely handmade, product. The original idea stands out in its final application where the effect is that of a modern furniture’s style, in line with current interior design trends: the crafted material’ sheen perfectly approaches with a clean and minimalist style, embellishing and enhancing the designed space. A gilded terracotta, thought for spaces filled up with a great emotional impact, which conveys warmth and emotional involvement for those who can live it.

The new Manetti product for luxury coating is for floor or wall created, protected by a resin surface, ensuring high quality and lasting. TerraOro comes in various colors, depending on the applied gold leaf, and is available in multiple sizes and formats to meet different application requirements which relate to the luxury market applications, as yachts, hotels, resorts, restaurants, and locals decorative coatings, which all need finishes of a particular value.

The gilded tiles TerraOro are available in two different lines:



Different classic formats of gilded terracotta tile are available: the square and rectangular ones, in different sizes and thicknesses. The chance to be covered with 10 different Manetti gold leaf types. The tile’s finishing can be glossy, semi-glossy or matt finish. Its working-procedure is such particular to be finally resistant to moisture and wear conditions. Concerning its ground application, a particular treatment is provided, that can ensure an everlasting life to the tile with a practically lower maintenance requirement.





The Custom line, characterized by a greater variety of golden tiles (inset, lozenge, hexagon) and a wider selection of gold leaf colors to cover the tile is best suited to luxury interior design projects, wall gilded coverings, and gold finishes. All these elements allow completing luxury coverings letting a furniture design be unique and elegant.



TerraOro products

>        Inset

The terracotta inset, square-shaped, can be used for the decoration of gilded walls, in different shades, as shown in the gallery.

>        Square

The square tile TerraOro, with the rectangular one, is the most suitable tile thought for ground application, both in standard version and in custom version. The larger size of the tile better suits to larger spaces and floors.

>        Rectangle

The rectangular tile TerraOro, with the square one, is the most suitable tile thought for ground application, both in standard version and in custom version. The larger size of the tile better suits to larger spaces and floors.

>        Hexagon

The hexagon in terracotta is designed for application on floors, referring to the historic Florentine tradition.

>        Octagon

The octagon in gilded terracotta, along with insets, is used for a classic and elegant floor application.

>        Lozenge

The lozenge-shaped gilded terracotta tile, used as a square flooring complement tile, makes a composition even more elegant and modern at the same time.

>        Sestino

The sestino TerraOro, a gilded rectangular terracotta with a smaller length, is designed as a complement for the ground. An example could be the Roman settlement.

>        Listello

The Listello TerraOro is the gilded tile designed for the ground application and the gold finishes, as well as for the construction of gilded walls.

>        Baseboard

The luxurious gilded finishes, perfect for every ground application in TerraOro.



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