Environmental responsibility at Manetti

At Giusto Manetti Battiloro we are serious about acknowledging our responsibility towards the environment, the people who work with us and our surroundings in which we operate. We firmly believe that every action makes a difference and that the great challenge of this fifth century of our business is to produce quality whilst respecting human beings and our planet. That’s why we’ve chosen to be a responsibly sustainable company every day and we invest with equal commitment in long-term strategic projects and daily best practices.


A green headquarters

Designed according to the philosophy of total quality management in an area of over 8000 square meters, our headquarters in Florence are powered by 414 photovoltaic panels installed on the roof that produce about 120,000 KWh per year, entirely for self-consumption. Thanks to the use of renewable energy sources, from October 2012 to April 2021 we have reduced CO2 emissions by more than 528,000 kg, nitrogen oxide emissions by more than 83 kg and nitrogen dioxide emissions by 55 kg. These are impressive numbers that fully repay the investment in sustainability that we made nine years ago.

Together with the solar panels, 200 Cupresso Cipraris Leilandi trees contribute to the green equilibrium of our facilities, absorbing about 800 kg of CO2 per year and a lighting system with the latest generation GE LIGHTING LED fixtures with sensors that allow us to automatically adjust the consumption of electricity and to constantly balance the contribution of natural and artificial light.


Eco-sustainable production processes

Our sustainable production starts outside our facilities, along the road our employees take to get to work every morning. Most live near the company. Short travel times and public transportation also help reduce our carbon footprint.

The production laboratories, all with insulated walls and ceilings and highly insulating high-tech glass, are equipped with smart systems that manage the programmed start times of all of the machinery as well as the systems, in order to avoid wasting energy.

Almost all waste generated in our production and logistics processes is classified with the letter “R”, for recyclable materials.

For the packaging of our products, with the exception of a small percentage of recycled plastic and only when absolutely necessary, we have always used plastic-free materials such as glass, metal, paper and parchment.