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Kolner Permacoll Patina

Kolner Permacoll Patina

Ready-to-use product used to create an aging effect of gilding with precious metal or imitation metal. It can be used with any technique or product only on interior gilding.

Kolner Permacoll Patina

Kolner Permacoll Patina

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Water-based solution.

Use method

It is recommended to apply the product using a soft synthetic brush. After application, remove the excess material with the help of a lint-free cloth ("Kölner Cloth" p. 152). Permacoll Patina also has the characteristic of protecting low-carat gold leaf, silver leaf and imitation leaf from tarnishing, as well as acting as a sealant. For this last reason it is not strictly necessary to use additional protection.


Store in a cool, dry place in its own container, closed, and away from direct light and heat. The ideal temperature is 15-25°C with humidity under 50%.

Additional information

Dilution percentage, application method and quantities applied may significantly affect the workability time. The most suitable application methods should be determined by experimentation on the basis of the surface being gilded and the desired result.

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